Monday, October 5, 2009

Grayling & lenok, Khor River, Amur drainage, October 2009

Finally the water level in streams around Khabarovsk has come to normal. Now it is possible to visit one of the mountainous streams. We have decided to go to the Khor River - 200 km to the south-east of the city. The plan was to hire a local motor-boat which will take us upstream, and float back to the village for 2 days.
We are moving upstream Khor River with local wooden "long boat". The river is swift and clear; its average width is 100-120 meters.
Amur grayling
This heavy blunt-nose lenok (Siberian trout) was caught from a moving boat. I was casting big "articulated" stone-fly imitation close to the rocky banks.
These flies imitate huge stone-fly larvae, and are attractive for local Salmonids. Khor River is beautiful, but way too big for my taste...
Even small grayling can bite the same huge fly. The belly of the fly is soft, so it does not feel unnatural for the fish.
Floating in the last rays of the evening sun