Friday, March 20, 2009

Pacific coast of the Northern Asia or Russian far East

Hello! Hi! Privet!
This message is starting new blog, devoted to sport-fishing (mostly fly-fishing) in Siberia and Pacific coast of Northern Asia (Russian Far East). Russian Far East is huge region, comparable with Pacific coast of North America from California to Alaska. It is sparsely populated, and not well studied by the scientists. For travelling fly-fisherman it is remote and hard-to-reach territory with plentiful and strange fish, many of which you will not meet anywhere else.
Only some areas of the region (like famous Kamchatka Peninsula) are starting to receive substantial flow of tourists. Many others places are still true blank spots on the map with no roads or villages, and minimum available information.
As an example of the aforesaid you could have a look at the images below:
Fish # 1: do you know it? Definitely a Salmonid, but what kind of Salmonid? It is not sea-trout as you might think. This fish is sea-run species and can be over 60 kg (130 pounds).
Fish # 2: this freshwater predator can be up to 2 meters (over 6 feet) long. It is the only carp with teeth...
Fish # 3: strange pike, isn't it? It is like a leopard..
Fish # 4: This big charr is not lake trout. It is Asian-only species...
In this blog I will be "telling stories" on mentioned fish species and on many others. There will be information on nature, travelling, fly-fishing & fly-tying and related topics. The winter in our region is long. From November till April I can not fly-fish. This period I do lots of ice-fishing.

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  1. Mikhail,

    Very interesting blog, as a Scot who is living in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and a very keen fly fisherman. Glad to read about your fly recommendations, which I will tie-up and try this season.