Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tugur River - home of Siberian taimen

Siberian taimen in the Tugur River can be rather big. This healthy-looking fish was landed in September 2008.
The Tugur River basin is practically unpopulated (there is one small village near the river mouth), there are no roads (except winter roads). There is no mining and tree-cutting here too. There are 23 species of freshwater fishes in the river, including such numerous populations like chum, pink salmon, lenok and Siberian taimen.
Tugur River is flowing into the western part of the Sea of Okhotsk; its mouth is situated near the Shantar archipelago. The main source of the river is called Konin; it is rather slow forest-type stream with colored water & only few side-channels. Its main tributary, Munikan, is swift and has many log-jams. Below the confluence with the Assyni River the Konin River turns almost 180°. It’s direction is sharply changing from the southern to the north-eastern. Slow-flowing Konin becomes swift stream with numerous channels & log-jams. Only from this point the river has the "official" name Tugur.
Tugur below the confluence of the Konin R. with the Assyni R.
Upstream view to the confluence of the Konin R. (middle) & the Assyni R. (on the left).
The same confluence in big flood. Assyni R. is murky, and the dark water of the Konin R. is almost clear.
Huge unpassable log-jam at the Konin R. requires long portage through the dense forest...
129 cm taimen landed with a streamer in the evening (Konin R.)
My longest fish landed in the Tugur River (133 cm)
Oleg Abramov (oufitting firm "Krechet" from Khabarovsk) is happy - it was hard to land this 135 cm fish!

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