Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tym River, Sakhalin Island

Tym River is 330 km long, it is the second biggest stream of the Sakhalin Island after the Poronai River. Tym flows through the widest part of the island to the west, north, and north-east, and enters the Nyisky Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk. The fish fauna of the Tym is mixture of Amur fauna and anadromous fish of north-west part of the Pacific (Pacific salmon, charrs, sea-run taimen & Pacific redfin).
Middle reaches of the Tym River. The river is slow, wide, and in many places - deep.
Amur pike was caught not only in the bays and sloughs, but in the riffles as well.
Cherry salmon is found only on the Asian coast of Pacific ocean
It was cold and rainy, and big yellowish mayflies (#10 or even # 8) were hatching
Amur ide caught with the imitation of a mayfly
Pacific redfin were also feeding in the surface, eating hatching insects
Lower Tym R. has no riffles; it is wide and slow.

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