Friday, September 4, 2009

Sakhalin Island, Poronai River, Part 2 (see message from August 16, 2009)

The first days were hot, and it was hard to catch anything interesting.
It was mid July; time when countless poplar seeds are flying downwind
Poronai River has lots of long deep pools. It can take long time to cover even one such pool with sport tackle.
Pacific redfin (Tribolodon ezoe) is anadromous Cyprinid; it can bite any lure or fly.
This fish was caught with a pike fly.
In the evening of the day 5 it had started to rain. Tomorrow I could expect that taimen and salmon will become more acrive.
I was using sinking line and heavy fly, suitable for taimen. Sea-run taimen often bite flies tied out of bucktail. 35-inch sea-run taimen (Hucho perryi)
The second fish was only slightly bigger than the first one.
(to be continued)

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