Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rio Galliegas Chico

Rio Galliegas Chico is right tributary to the middle reaches of famous Patagoinan stream - Rio Galliegas.  The river begins in the middle of a wide, dry valley on Chilean territory, several kilometers from the border with Argentina.  Above thar place there is no stream in the valley; the river appears on the day surface as a spring

A horse is hiding from strong wind behind a bush

The stream is vodka-clear, chocked by weeds and green ooze. 

The river looks like a chain of separate pools, connected with green marshy meadows.
The average depth of the pools is 1-1,5 meters.

The river is one of the easiest for catching good size trout, at least on windy days.  The fish is not spooky, and there is no need to cast far.  Drop a dark streamer into the deeper part of the pool and retrieve it with jerks. 

We were hiking along the river further downstream.   

The river is populated by nice size trout.  It is true brown trout - the fish has bright, red-brown color.   In many pools it is hard to land fish - it is hiding in thick weeds.    

"Memorial to the wind" at the road #9 near Punta Arenas

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  1. Man I love that river and all the Big browns that swim around it!