Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TdF: King Penguins at the Magellan Strait

 We were driving along the treeless north-western coast of the Tierra del Fuego. 
Near the road there was a nicely carved wooden sculpture of the Indians in a canoe.

We stopped at the bridge to fish the lower part of a small creek near its mouth.  For over a kilometer the stream was flowing along the sea.   

Small trout caught in the stream had silvery tint on the sides.  
Probably it was going out into the salt water for feeding.

From a distance I see my friends speaking with some other fishermen

These were king penguins

Two groups of these amazing birds were resting at the shore

My friend Arthur had decided to make some casts.  
The penguins did not want to watch these awkward attempts to catch something... 

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