Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kopylie River, Kamchatka

Kopylie River is a 90-km long high-gradient stream, which is flowing through the valleys of the Central-Kamchatka Ridge, the spine of the peninsula.  Kopylie is one of the sources of the Icha River, flowing to the west, into the Sea of Okhotsk. 
 The fishing in such streams requires a search for the deeper areas with not as swift current: only in such places the anadromous fish running upstream could have a rest.
 In some places the river is not as swift  
 The easy part of the exercise is that if you locate a suitable place, the fish (if there are any) will be here.  Much easier than covering deep & uniform water of marshy creeks.
  For testing the new salmon streams I normally use a small, pink "wobbler fly" on #8 or #10 hook.  These lures are among the best for triggering a bite from even an anadromous, not-feeding fish.  This time the "fly" is presented with a 11,5' 5-weight trout-spey rod and 16' fast-sinking tippet.  Normally I am trying to move the fly slow, close to the bottom.  I could feel when it is wiggling its marabou tail on retrieve, or when it stops wiggling when touching the rocks.
 Fish on!  A bite of something in the stream which you had never fished before is always exciting. 
 This is sea-run Dolly Varden charr 
Spawning males of Dolly Varden are among the most colorful Salmonid fish.  The females are not as bright.
 This fish had spent not less than 2 years in fresh water as a parr, and made at least 3 summer migrations into the sea for feeding. 

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  1. Hi Mikhail, greetings from Finland ! As always, it is very nice to read your blog. You have very nice rivers and fish over there ! :)