Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flies for catching cherry salmon (sakura sima)

The biggest cherry salmon you could catch in the Koppi River (mainland coast of the Sea of Japan). In this stream the species can reach 90 cm (3') and 9 kg (20 pounds)
Mikizha (invented by Guido Rahr III in 1993) was the best fly for catching cherry salmon in the Bolshaya River (south-west of Kamchatka Peninsula).
These simple imitations of salmon smolts on bottle type tubes were used in swift streams of the eastern part of Sakhalin Island (Langeri & Vengeri Rivers). During the downstream migration of the pink salmon smolts the best flies for all fish in the streams of the island were smolt imitations
This smolt imitation was used for catching cherry salmon, charrs, and Pacific redfin in small streams of the Krillion Peninsula (south-east of Sakhalin).
Black & Red Fly - a simple streamer tied out of synthetic materials. In the Koppi River (Sea of Japan) cherry salmon was biting rather big flies, mostly black and/or red ones. Lightly colored flies did not attract the fish at all.
Black-and-red GP on 2/0 hook was another good choice for the species in the Koppi River. Intruder in similar colors was working even in murky water, during the end of the spring flood.

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