Monday, April 6, 2009

Inya River (Sea of Okhotsk)

Inya River is 300 km long. It is flowing from a chain of big lakes at the altitude of 1000 m onto the Sea of Okhotsk. The lakes have glacier origin.
Outlet of the Inya River from the Hel-Degi Lake
Upper part of the "Lower Canyon" of the Inya River Lower Canyon
Inya is swift and has lots of log-jams. Its upper part is quite dangerous for rafting.
Camp of the Even raindeer herders
Dry fish (chum salmon and Dolly Varden charr).
The fish is prepared traditional Even method.
Storages of the Even raindeer herders. In such storages the belongings are safe from such animals as bear or volverene.
Sockeye salmon & Arctic grayling in the Etergen Lake
Diversity of fish in the Hel-Degi Lake: Arctic grayling, "big" form of charr, "small" form of charr, resident dwarf male of sockeye salmon.
Chum salmon at the spawning ground (female has black strip on the sides)

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