Friday, August 7, 2009

Burga Creek grayling fishing

Burga is a little forest creek, which belongs to the Gassi Lake watershed (Amur River drainage). I was fishing it on a hot day August 6, 2009.
The water in a creek is 17*C, much cooled than the air, which was about 30*C on that day. The air above the water is foggy because of this.
The hiking along the creek through unpenetrable taiga forest is tough.
I was using 3-weight, 7'6" rod made by Kola Salmon
The cast of a light and small wet fly into the current
The bite
Fish on!
It was tiny Amur grayling.
The head of another grayling caught that day. Its upper jaw is absent; the fish was damaged by a hook of some too excitable fisherman.
Lagovski minnow is biting the same flies
There were lots of Achillides maackii on the flowers along the creek

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