Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sakhalin Island, Poronai River, Part 1

Poronai is the biggest river of the Sakhalin Island; it is 350 km long. THe fish fauna of Poronai is mixture of resident fish from the Amur River (pike, ide) and anadromous fish from the Pacific ocean (Pacific salmon, charrs, sea-run taimen, Pacific redfin).
The river is protected by marshes and swamps; its upper part it is impossible to reach by car. To get to the starting poind of the float we had to go by ATV.
This road to the upper part of the Poronai River is impassable by any car
To get to the river we had to hire an army personnel carrier
This is upper Poronai near the mouth of the Taulan River. The river has colored water; it is 10-20 meters wide, and up to 2 meters deep.
We were floating the river and fishing in all suitable places. Here we had to saw through a log jam. Passing another log jam
The first fish was Amur pike. It is one of the most numerous species in the river.
In summer the Amur ide is feeding mostly on insects, but it is always ready to swallow small fish. Silver streamer on a bottle-tube was working well.
On the gravel bars of Poronai there are lots of pieces of coal; we were using it for cooking
Tiger lily

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