Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chile, Region XII, Rio Rubens

Rio Rubens was the first Patagonian stream which I had fished.  Very exciting. 

Rio Rubens and Rio Penitente are sources of the Argentinian Rio Galliegas, famous with its sea-run brown trout.  Both streams begin in Chile, not far from the Pacific coast.  Rio Rubens near the bridge at the road #9 is 12-20 meters wide.  The water in the river is tea-colored. 

Rio Rubens has LOTS of dead trees and submerged snags.  Be ready to loose many flies.

My first casts had brought this...  - the local fishermen are fishing with metal lures. 

I was able to find one pool with trout, and landed some good fish.  This one was the biggest..

This tube-fly I used to use for chum salmon in Sakhalin Island.  Now it is catching trout.  

The forest of southern beech looks suitable for trolls and other unpleasant creatures...

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