Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the national park Torres del Paine, Chile

The national park Torres del Paine is situated 300 km to the north from Punta Arenas, capital of the Region XII, Chile.  One of the main attractions of the park is a group of spectacular rocks called Cuernos.  These rocks are built of black hornstone on top of white granite.  Some people like to climb such cliffs and claim that it is even better than fly-fishing... 

This shot shows the same mountains as background of the biggest stream of the park - Rio Serrano.

Rio Serrano is powerful, deep and wide.  In the end of February 2010 near the stream outlet out of a big lake Lago del Toro there were lots of chinook salmon.  All fish were dark and did not want to bite our flies same as lures of local fishermen.   

In the river it was possible to catch good size trout

All fish caught at the park territory should be released

In the park there are many lakes created by glaciers

Waterfall between the lakes Lago Nordenskjold and Lago Pehoe

It is hard to visit the park and not to take numerous pictures of guanacos

Local gees have striped feathers which are excellent as fly-tying material

In the areas where the gees feed it is easy to find plenty of feathers,
which make excellent streamer wings

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  1. After having followed your fishing exploits in Russia I am now enviously following your trip to Chile. Very nice!