Friday, June 18, 2010

Chile Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Rio Moneta & Rio Chico

Rio Moneta & Rio Chico are crossing the non-paved Ruta Y79 of the Tierra del Fuego, Chile.  These are average size creeks which flow through tree-less pampa into the Atlantic. 

Rio Moneta is the source of the Rio Menendes, a tributary to the lower reaches of famous Rio Grande.  In the lower of Rio Menendes in Argentina it is posible to catch trophy sea-run trout.  In the Rio  Moneta in March we were able to catch only resident trout.  The fishing is easy; it could be done in snickers instead of waders. 

Brown trout was biting different streamers.  Presentation could be simple - cast into the riffle, let the fly be taken by the current into the head of the pool, and then start to strip. 

 Mounted gaucho herder and sheep are moving like an army 

Rio Chico near the road Y79 is bigger than Rio Moneta, but the both streams look very similar.  It is flowing into the Atlantic to the south from San Sebastian (Argentina).   This river is one of the many "Rios Chicos" of Patagonia.  During our trip we had visited 3 streams bearing the same name. 

 One of the trouts from Rio Chico

Armadillo is quite common in TdF pampa. 
This animal is running around looking for food, and looks like a toy with a motor. 

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