Monday, June 28, 2010

Good size Siberian taimen with a fly, Tugur River, Russian Far East

In June 2010 I was lucky to participate in a float-trip in the Tugur River, which flows into the Sea of Okhotsk north from the Amur River.  Tugur is, I think, the best taimen river of the world.  Recently some fish over 40 kg were landed here.  The weather was rainy, and the water rather high and murky.

Regardless to non-favorable water conditions, I have landed a good size taimen: 137 cm (57") with 68 cm (27") girth.  Calculated weight - about 27 kg (60 pounds).  Tackle - 15' 10 weight rod, 15' sink tip, 0.42 mm tippet, 15 cm long "articulated" streamer.   

This is the fly

Sorry, no more details for now, I am going to Kamchatka!

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