Monday, September 13, 2010

Argentina, Lago Roca, end of March 2010

World famous Perito Moreno glacier is ending in the southern branch of huge Lago Argentino, near the town of El Calafate. 

The face of the glacier looks like a wall: 60 meters tall and 4 km long.   

The main lake is murky because of the "glacier flour" - ground up rock.  Lago Argentino has one clear bay; it is called Lago Roca.  It is one of the few places suitable for flyfishing in the area. 

In the guidebooks it is described as a place to fish for lake trout, but on that day this species was not in a biting mood.

My friend Arthur has managed to land one rainbow trout

We went along the bank of the Lago Roca to the north and came to the area, where clear water is mixing with murky water of the Brazo Sur (southern branch of the Lago Argentino)

I was lucky to land two specimens of perca - the only native sportfish of southern Patagonia.  For a month we were catching only non-native trout and charr.  Finally I was able to hold this interesting spiny fish, which was looking like a small walleye. 

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  1. A glacier! Now that is a fishing experience I have never had. Thank you for sharing. Great pictures.

    The Average Joe Fisherman