Thursday, September 30, 2010

Articulated Flies (variants of String Leeches) - Part 2: Articulated Grayling, step by step

Start with the "decoration" of the hook:
Tie on a bunch of white bucktail, make several half-hitches, and cut the line.  Put on the knot some head-cement.
 Tie on a bunch of white synthetic fibers or bucktail

add brown ostrich 

 and two dyed red grizzly hackle - one of east side of the fly

top with some strands of Copper Crystal Flash

and dark brown ostrich 

Make a head out of braided mular tubing

tie it near the hook eye

Glue the eyes 
and fihish the fly. 
"Grayling" works well for Siberian taimen is such rivers as Bichi & Tugur. 
To be continued

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  1. Wow, nice job! That takes some skill!

    the Average Joe Fisherman