Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 02, 2010, Amur River in downtown Khabarovsk

Today I was fishing the Amur River in downtown Khabarovsk, near the "cliff" in the park.  My main goal was testing new wobbler flies.  These flies can be tied in different colors and sizes, but these were made for pelagic predators of the Amur River, first of all - skygazer.  
The first fish I caught that day was tiny blackbelly.  This was strange (even bigger specimens rarely bite flies).

  About 10 AM I had a serious pull from the depth about 3 meters from the surface. 

This was 72 cm long skygazer; it is also called Korean tarpon.  
This fish belongs to carps, but looks like a giant herring.  

The weight of fish was about 3,5 kg (close to 8 pounds)

Skygazer had bitten silver and pearl wobbler fly with yellow tail.  There were more bites, but 2 landed fish were much smaller than the first one.

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  1. That is a huge fish. Nice job!

    The Average Joe Fisherman