Friday, March 18, 2011

At the dike - part 3 (Amur River near Khabarovsk, July & August)

 Fishing below the dike requires technical wading and ideally - boots with good studs.  It is very unusual in Amur where one normally wades on the sand & silt.
 By July we have learned how to catch Mandarin bass with flies.  It is rather easy if you are able presenting the fly close to the rocky bottom, and move it slowly, with stops.
 This is one of the flies invented for the bottom presentation.  
Such ones are also lost on the snags and rocks, but not as easy as regular streamers. 
One more Mandarin bass
 This fish is true ambuscador; on some days it is attacking your lure or fly only after it stops for several seconds.  
 Mongolian redfin is often caught in the same areas with the bass, but in the upper or middle layers.
 A school of skygazers is always holding in 9-meter deep hole 100 meters below the dike.  
On some days these predators (called Korean tarpon) come close to the dike for feeding. 
The name "skygazer" is given not without reason
In Amur some non-predatory species (like this white bream Parabramis pekinensis) sometimes feed on small fish - and bite streamers (photo of Andrey Bondarenko).

This common carp had also decided to swallow a streamer  (photo of Andrey Bondarenko).


  1. Nice! Looks like a lot of fun..Your making me want to visit Russia,

  2. i never see before the Mongolian redfin
    really amazing fish

    compliments from Italy!