Friday, March 25, 2011

Trip to Congo, Africa, fall 2010 - Part 1

In October-November 2010 I have visited Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville).  This was a business trip, not aimed at fishing.  The area where we were working in the field is populated; it does not have fish stocks interesting for sport-fishing.  

Atlantic Ocean near Pointe Noire (the only sea-port of the country).
 Thunderstorm at night
 The upper part of the Loutete River has big gradient
 Lots of creeks of the area have waterfalls. 
 The area of the town of Loutete is too dry for jungle forest; it is covered by savanna type vegetation.  Gallery-forests are found in some creek valleys. 
 One of the mountains has a through hole near its top.
The same cave - the view from inside
Local ladies with kids are going home ofter working in the fields
 Processing fish
 Our helper Mabala with a small seine
 In the Boko-Songho village
 Dugout boats made of mahogany wood (Niari River)
 Dense vegetation along a creek
 Traditional, home-made chair

To be continued ...

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