Friday, May 27, 2011

First time in Atlantic ocean - fishing with a fly and no fly rod

In May I was in Portland, Maine.  My friend Chris had invited me to go out into the ocean to catch some fish. The fishing is done at the depth of 50-60 meters with a jug cast out of a pound of lead.  The jig has a treble hook on the bottom, and a big single hook with a plastic "worm - on top.  60 cm (2 feet) above the jig there is a loop, which is used for attaching a primitive "fly".  Normally this fly consists of bright synthetic fibers tied to a huge hook.    

I have decided to tie more complicated flies with some flash on 6/0 hooks.  When fishing from a boat with many other fishermen, it is a good idea to show the fish something different.

Early in the morning we had come to the Ogunquit town at the Maine sea coast.  We have booked two places at the famous fishing boat named "Bunny Clark".  This boat is a holder of many IGFA records, including a 35 kg (77 pounds) cod. 

 When our jigs first came to the sea bottom, the new bright flies started to work well.  This fish is haddock.  

This little cod had also decided to bite a fly.
 Generally, over a half of fish were caught with a jig, and only about 30-40 % were biting a fly.  
This strange creature is called sea raven. 

Wolf-eel's teeth can bite through a rubber boot.. 

In the end of an excellent fishing day we have got a bonus - a group of 15-20 Greenland right whales had passed nearby the boat!

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