Thursday, June 23, 2011

Testing of a new model of a trout-spey type fly rod

I have got a possibility to test a new rod of a Russian firm Kola Salmon.  This rod belongs to the type which is becoming popular - a trout-spey rod.  The rod is 5-6 wt 5 piece, 340 cm (11.1') long; weight 122 g (4.3 oz).   I have taken this rod along to a non-fishing trip to the northern Kamchatka. 

The first water which I was able to fish was Bering Sea near the abandoned village Korf.  
In this village there is a working airport of the district center Tilichiki. 

Korf is situated at the long spit between a marine bay and a shallow estuary. 

 Old pier

Olyutorski Peninsula at the opposite side of the huge marine bay

I was using 5-weight line with 13' sink tip made out of Rio T8 material.  Most of the catch were 2 species of flounder. 

Starry flounder on shallow places is easy to catch with a fly.  The fly should move slowly, near the bottom.  

Comparing with flounder, greenling is rather spooky.  It is often following the fly, but rarely biting. 

The best "fly" to catch greenling is a bright wobbler-fly, retrieved with jerks in the middle layers.   

The biggest trophy of the day was huge marine sculpin. 

The rod which I was planning to use only as a grayling tackle appears to work well in marine conditions. 

To be continued..

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  1. Thats is some very interesting material.I would like to fish Russia some day!