Monday, August 8, 2011

Amur River near Khabarovsk, at the dike (August 06, 2011; 5 - 11 AM)

I was fishing from a boat from the right bank of the Pemzenskaya channel, below the dike (this image is taken from the left bank).  
Today a big school of medium size skygazers (3-5 pounds) are feeding on sawbellies and other little fish.   I was casting big silver-pearl streamers and Antiwoblers with a two-handed rod and intermediate leader. Amur River is now low and rather clear (in summer I had not seen it any more clear than this).  I  
Skygazer is never jumping; this fish always pulls the line to the bottom. 
 This simple fly on a "golden" hook was working the best at that day.
 Skygazer of medium size
 I was using two flies; the smaller one was on a tippet tied to the hook of a big upper streamer. 
Pearl Antiwobbler was working as well
A little Mandarin bass was also caught with the same tackle. 
When too many spin-fishermen had started to cast the jigs across my line, I had decided to go home.   
 The fish was sometimes boiling right near the boat, in slack water. 
 Over a dozen fishermen are too many for this little place..
Here you can see that the dike is completely destroyed by the 2011 floods. 

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