Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lotus are blossoming!

Regardless to the harsh winters Amur River have some aquatic tropical animals & plants.  One of them is lotus.  This magnificent "weed" can be found on some lakes near Khabarovsk.  The best time to see the blossoms is about August 1st. 
 The water in the lake is low due to hot weather.
 Pink blossoms are over 25 cm across. The species is Nelumbo komarovii Grossh., 1940 
 The flowers will not last for more than a week.
Water can not moisten the lotus leaves  - they are covered by "wax" layer.
 My wife at the lotus "field"
By November this lush vegetation will die, and the plants will sleep under ice till the next summer.
 These cones contain lotus seeds which can sleep, if necessary, for thousands of years.

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