Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Armenia, Arpa River - Caucasus brown trout - the end.

 The next species was Kura barbel - Barbus lacerta cyri  
 Finally I was lucky to land a nice trout.   
Beautiful fish!  It is my first trout from the Caspian Sea drainage.   
 In many cases we had to fish from steep rocky banks of the river.   
My Armenian friend was using standard local tackle - long pole with a bobber.  He was using worms as a bait.
 Local fishermen do not have catch-and-release tradition.. One of the fish was tiny rainbow trout, which had probably escaped from a nearby hatchery. 
 I was able to catch one more trout with a wobbler fly.  
These flies are very convenient to use when standing high above the river.
 Wild poppy flowers

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