Monday, February 14, 2011

Fishing near the Talan Island, Sea of Okhotsk

The trip to Talan Island starts in the Nagaevo Bay near Magadan.  
Magadan is a sea port on the north coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. 

 The shores of this small island are steep and rocky.  Only its northern shore is formed by a plain deposited by the sea.  This area has bank formed out of big cobbles & boulders.
 I am trying to fish near the north-western bank of the island
 If you find a school of grey rockfish, they will be biting your fly every minute
 Spiny crab is close relative to famous king crab. This smaller crab is covered by sharp spines.  It is dwelling near rocky shores at 5-15 meters, and king crab is normally found on sand & silt, on bigger depth.  
 Saffron cod is biting any flies
 Rainbow smelt is possible to catch with small, sparsely tied streamers.  This small fish has big mouth with serious fangs.
 Smelt with Nagaevo Bay at the background. 
  Greenling is found on shallow places with kelps.
 Grey rockfish caught with red shrimp imitation
 Grey rockfish often comes to the surface and could be caught with dry line and a streamer. 

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