Monday, February 21, 2011

Feklistova Island (Shantar Archipelago, Sea of Okhotsk)

The shallow western part of the Sea of Okhotsk between the Shantar Archipelago and the mainland is called Shantar Sea.  This is the coldest part of the sea (this image was shot in July).  The best streams to catch trophy Siberian taimen, Uda & Tugur Rivers, are flowing namely into this part of the Sea of Okhotsk.  
 Shantar Archipelago has 15 islands longer than 1 kilometer, and many separate tiny islands & cliffs. 
 The bigger islands are covered with dense forest
Cliffs of red jasper at the north-western shore of the Bolshoi (Big) Shantar Island. 
Feklistova Island is the second biggest of the archipelago.  It is about 40 km long.
 In the first days of July the banks of Feklistova Island were covered by huge pieces of ice (low tide). 
Lebyazhia (Swan) River is the biggest stream of Feklistova.  Near the sea it is slow & smooth.    
This Dolly Varden charr is was wintering in the river.  Now it is preparing to move out into the sea for feeding. 

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