Wednesday, November 2, 2011

August 2011, the second trip to Korf, north-eastern Kamchatka

Korf is situated at the narrow spit between the shallow estuary and the Korfa Bay (sunset at the bay). 
A calm day at the bay shore (view to the south)
Rusty fishing boat
Steel + salt = rust
 The fishing in the bay was not as good as in June.  I was catching mostly saffron cod.
Old wooden fishing boat called "karbas"
 A little town of Tilichiki is situated close to Korf, at the mainland 
 From here we will go by ATV (GTT) to the west.
 This is not a road, it is just a direction.  No wheels can pass here. I am sitting at the roof of the vehicle - when it is not cold, it is much better than sitting inside. 
 Peat bods in the valley of the Vyvenka River with the tracks of the caterpillars.
 The Vyvenka River is deep and wide, and has no bridges.  Our vehicle can float, so we will try to cross it.
 Our "tank" is on a float; the opposite bank is coming closer.
Crossing sloughs in the Vyvenka valley

To be continued...

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