Sunday, November 13, 2011

Late fall at the Khoidur River

Khoidyr is a small forest creek which is flowing into lower part of the Amur River between Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk.  It is crossing the road between these two cities 200 km from Khabarovsk.  The fall of 2011 is unusually warm; at the time when it is normally snow and cold it is mild and warm.  In the fall the fish from the creeks is leaving its summer habitats which will be frozen over soon, and goes down into the Amur River for wintering.
I have left the car at the bridge and was rowing upstream in a kayak.  I will never burn gas and listen the rattle of a motor if I can avoid it. 
 This stretch of Khoidur is crossing the great plain - the valley of the Lower Amur.  The banks are covered by the mixed forest and marshes - not as good a forest as we see in the mountains.
 In deep slow pools I had some bites of Amur ide.  This small fish is a predator.  The imitation of an aquatic beetle with an action was a good selection on that day. 
In such quiet forest creeks most of the fish (and all Salmonids) are found in the riffles.  
 Canadian beaver was stocked 40 years ago into the Nemta River 100 km to the west from here.  The animals are now moving down the Amur River and populating its valley.  
 This nest belongs not to a bird, but to a bear.  Don't you believe me?  In August the Himalayan bear is climbing the Maak's bird cherry tree and eating its astringent berries.  The animal is bending the branches, and pushes them under its seat at the tree to make the sitting more comfortable. 
 I was able to catch several little lenok and grayling
 It is a pleasant catch - one of the last fish of the 2011 fly season
The winter is closing up - it has already come to the north of our region.  In a month or less the fishermen will be catching lenok through the ice. 

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