Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Petropavlovskoe Lake, Nov 8, 2011

  Petropavlovskoe is a big shallow lake 20 km east from Khabarovsk.  I have decided to look for pike and other predators in the lake outlet below the village. 

My wife had decided to come along.  She had helped me to pump the kayak.

The lake outlet is 50 meters wide and 2-3 meters deep in the middle. 
 For several hours I was fishing in the current and in the bays, but with no success.  I had only one sharp bite; the catch was heavy and pulling the line to the bottom. 
 This was a freshwater mussel.  In the Amur River there are mussels up to 30 cm long.  When the streamer touches its body, the animal closes the shells, and they clutch the hook.  It is a true bite, even though the mussel is not trying to eat the fly..

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