Monday, December 21, 2009

Manoma River, Amur River drainage. Part 3 - lower part of the river

In the lower part the Manoma R. is slower than at the upstream stretches.  The most numerous fish of this area is Amur ide.  This ide is not as big as European ide; 400 g fish is considered good size.  Ide is omnovorous; it is biting baitfish imitations same as dry & wet flies. 

The most ancient and the best way to cook fish is to grill it.  Ide, same as all members of the Carp family, is very bony.  If you cut its back and sides across with a sharp knife, the fish will become as boneless as trout.

This is Amur pike, caught among weeds in a river bay

Local fishermen with a "long boat"

This quiet pool below the cliffs is clost to the confluence of the Manoma and Anyui Rivers.  !0 km downstream Anyui R. is joining the mighty Amur R. 

St.-John's wort

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