Thursday, December 17, 2009

One more trophy taimen

This trophy 40+ kg Siberian taimen was landed (gear, not fly, sorry) in October 2009 in the middle reaches of the Tugur River. The fish had probably a couple of chum salmon in its stomach. Taimen was released, so I can not tell it for sure. Chum salmon is numerous in Tugur; this is why there are so many big taimen in the stream - they have plenty of food. Some fish were observed moving behind a school of running salmon - exactly as a herder with a herd..


  1. Proper fish porn,still an impressive fish none the less.

  2. Mikhail,
    this is the best salmonids blog ever!!!
    I love your writing and adventures. The taimen is gigantic, please keep doing this fantastic work.
    I am sending you my web page (for anyone on this blog interested). At the bottom of the page you can see a map showing some species/populations of salmonids around the world.