Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sakhalin Island, Evai R. & Chaivo Bay, Part 2

After catching some more flounder from the bottom I had a different bite - a strong jerk of the line just after its landing. This was kundzha of whitespotted charr (Salvelinus leucomaenis). The ecological niche of the species is similat to the one of bull trout on the North-American coast of Pacific.
This predatory charr can be as big as 15-18 kg, but it is reaching this huge size only in some waters. The biggest kundzha is found in some streams of the Eastern Kamchatka.
On the shores of the Chaivo Bay grows larch forest. At the background you can see the narrow sand spit which separates the bay from the Sea of Okhotsk. Fresh starry flounder was put on a grill with onions
Flowers of Labrador tea
Starry Flounder on Foodista

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