Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kamchatka 2010 - Vorovskaya River

Vorovskaya River is flowing into the Sea of Okhotsk through the birch forests of the western Kamchatka.  The river hosts stocks of all 6 species of Pacific salmon, Dolly Varden and white-spotted charrs, and rainbow trout. 

Grassy jungle along the river hide trails of brown bears

Cherry salmon in Kamchatka is always small - as big as pink salmon

This male of cherry salmon is beginning to gain spawning colors

Rainbow trout is plentiful in the river; its average size is not big

An attempt to land chum salmon with light tackle could cost you a rod

In the middle reaches of the river there are lots of braids and log jams.  It is is dangerous to navigate the Vorovskaya even with a jet-motor.  Lots of narrow channels are blocked by the logs. 

Upper part of the river has bigger gradient (over 0,002); log jams are also present here. 

We have decided not to go upstream from these rapids

The point which we were able to reach in 2010

Andrey is preparing grilled fish for dinner

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