Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sea of Japan, August 2010 - family vacation

The coast of the Sea of Japan near Livadia and Nakhodka is very popular among Russian vacationers.  Bays with road access are crowded, but with a boat it is possible to find remote corners and camp. 

Sea of Japan, abandoned lighthouse at the tiny Trambetskogo Island

Anna Bay near Livadia

Huge mussels of the Sea of Japan are the best when grilled

Raw eggs of sea urchins have excellent flavor and taste

My wife with sea urchins

The coast is rocky; the depth along the rocks can be from 1 to 10 meters

The only fish I was able to catch with flies was a tiny brown rockfish

I was using fast-sinking shooting taper (33' piece of T14) and chartreuse Gotcha fly

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  1. The mussels look tasty, but not too sure about the urchine eggs.

    The Average Joe Fisherman