Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Levaya River, Kamchatka Peninsula, July 2010

Levaya R is right tributary to mighty & murky Elovka, which frows from the north of the peninsula and joins Kamchatka River in its middle reaches.   Levaya has clear water and is rather swift.  Here we see a good view to Shiveluch vlc, the most northern one of the entire Kamchatka, and one of the most active.  Right now it is erupting - you can see a cloud of ash. 

This is the junction of Levaya (close to us) with Elovka (far part of the image).  In Russian Elovka means "Spruce River".  

There are about 10,000 bears in Kamchatka.  These are 2 of them...

One more fishing bear at the Levaya River

Kamchatka subspecies of Arctic grayling is very numerous in this area

The main attraction of the stream is rainbow trout.  It is not selective at all and can "eat" any fly.

This charr is endemic to Kamchatka R. watershed drainage; it is called "stone-charr".  This is a predator, which often bites big flies which are used for salmon. 

Sockeye (red) salmon is plentiful in Levaya.  Normally this fish is hard to catch with sport tackle...

... but it can bite streamers & small wobbler flies.

Kamchatka River & Klyuchevskaya Sopka vlc (4700 m) near the Klyuchi village - the most active volcano in Asia

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