Friday, August 6, 2010

Kamchatka, Avachinskaya Bay, fishing in the Pacific

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the capitol of the Peninsula, is situated at the Avachinskaya Bay.  This wide and deep bay is well protected from the storms and has a narrow gate.  On a good day you can see several volcanoes surrounding the bay and the city.  The tallest is Koryakski - 3456 meters.

Near the gate we were passing Three Brothers rocks with a colony of sea birds

Sculpins are plentiful in the ocean, but we were looking for something better

One of the sculpins

We have started to fish on the depth of 25 meters.  I was not able to use flyrod and had to fish with a spinning tackle and bait.

On smaller depth we were also catching rock greenling

..and starry flounder.  I had managed to catch one flounder with a fly in 9 meters of water.. tough.  In Russia this flounder always has its left side blind. 

I was lucky to land this greenling (no idea on the species) with a flyrod on the depth of 5 meters

This is the gate of the bay from the shore

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