Saturday, July 30, 2011

Amur River, downtown Khabarovsk

The city park in Khabarovsk is situated at the Amur River.  Here, near the rocky hill which you can see at the background, the military camp Khabarovka was established back in 1858.  
 When the water is not too high, the local fishermen always gather near the former cliff, at the base of the embankment.  Here one can catch different fish, predators & non-predators.

Hear the hill the current goes away from the rocky bank and forms a deep area with a backcurrent. 
 The best fishing time during the hot months is late evening & very early morning. 
Tonight the biting was not too good.  I was able to catch one medium size skygazer.  The fish had bitten a fly in the middle layers of the water, at the seam between strong  & slack currents, at the depth of about 4 meters.

This is the "fly" which had done the trick.  It is called "Anti-Wobbler".  The clear plastic blade of the fly is turned upright.  It makes the fly wiggle & moving up on the retrieve.  This particular fly had foam back, but I often tie such ones with no foam.  The action of Anti-Wobblers is one of the best for catching different pelagic predators - both freshwater & marine.  I am using them with a sink tip or with sinking line.    
Lights in the park

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