Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Manoma River, July 2011

Manoma River is a tributary to the mighty Anyui River, which is joining the Amur River from its right bank at the distance of 700 km from the sea.  The upper reaches of the Manoma could be reached by old logging roads. 
 The river is 17*C, and the damp air - about 30*C.  This creates fog which was rather thick during a part of that day. 
 In the morning I was barely able to see my friends fishing.
In the Manoma we normally catch lenok & grayling.  The biting on that day was not too good; the fish was rather picky.  We had luck with #10 Stimulator dry flies and with some dark nymphs.   
The typical "lower Amur" grayling is normally small.  The fish of this size is always mature.  Compare it with Arctic grayling from the North - the minimum maturation size in many rivers is 28-30 cm.   
In many places along the river the wide leaves of the butterbur are seen. 
 One of the flies which was working well on that day. 
 In June & July the brown bears are eating a lot of the butterbur chards.  The severed chard continues growing, and forms a characteristic "flower" with 4, 5 or 6petals. 
 These are the "bear-flowers"

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