Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot July at the Amur River - one more weekend

Mid summer in Amur is normally hot and calm.  On the sunrise the huge river looks like a mirror.  The water temperature was 25*C. 
Lots of small fish were jumping at the lake outlet.  These 10-20 cm long silver Cyprinids (mostly sawbelly) were preying upon some tiny, 1,5-2 cm long fish.  Bigger predators, probably, 0,3-1 kg skygazers were time to time making boils in the middle of the sawbelly schools.  Dog eat dog!  The water in Amur was high & murky.  In such situations the skygazer is normally aiming only the big groups of its prey, and ignoring the solitary fish (same as your fly).  I have decided to move into the lake.       
In the lake the surface temperature was 28*C!  At the outlet there were also schools of sawbelly which were hunting on little fish.  Sawbelly looks like a bleak, but you often catch it with streamers. 
 I have tried a tiny wobbler-fly on #10 hook and caught some predatory sawbellies as well.
The lake is formed by an old river channel; its widest & deepest part is a flooded sand pit. 
 In the lake there were lots of little skygazers. 
This corner looks promising - it should be inhabited by some bigger predator
 This plant is normally growing in the areas with at least 1,5-2 meters of water.

I was covering the snags and weeds at that "juicy" corner with a silver streamer and caught a snakehead.
The head of this fish is covered with scales and looks borrowed from a snake...

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