Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot July at the Amur River

The first part of the summer in Khabarovsk was rather cold & rainy.  Only by mid July we have got the usual hot weather - over 30*C.  The nights are also very warm. The water in the Amur River is 22*c, and in the lakes  - 24-25*C.     These days the city people are using any possibility to go the water to swim. 
On the weekend I was with my family on one of the lakes at the Bolshoi Ussuriiski Island, about 5 km from the border with China. Some of the local fish of the northern origin do not like hot weather.  On the contrary, some species had come here from the tropical waters.  Hot summer is the time when they are feeding most active.  
 These aquatic plants form thickets at the depths of over 2 meters. 
Predators love sitting in a shade, below the green ceiling. 
 I was moving in an inflatable kayak along the weed beds and reed walls.
 Amur catfish was caught with sinking line & pink-and-purple wobbler fly.  
This little snakehead was caught with typical pike tackle: floating line, steel tippet, and red wobbler fly with yellow legs, tied on #1 hook.  
Snakehead is very strong fish with sharp teeth and powerful jaws.  Amur River is the northernmost part of its range. 

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